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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi, I am a conductor from the New Orleans area who has been working in Europe, and when I recently came back to visit Louisiana, it was suggested that I should upload my photos onto the internet in case the originals are destroyed in the next hurricane!

So I will use this space for storing photos and chronicles of some of my conducting experiences and travels. I hope this will also be a way to get back in touch with the many friends I have met around the world. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

best wishes,


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Ken Starling said...

Paul, looks great. Didn't realize you were doing all of that!
What instrument(s) do you play or which are your favorite to hear? I'm fond of the violin myself.


Great to hear from you, Ken. I mostly play piano but also studied cello in high-school and college. This at least gave me the chance to play cello in orchestras when I was starting out. Glad to hear you like the violin. Check out the Sibelius and Barber violin concertos!

Denise (Hihar) Childs said...

Paul, you haven't aged a BIT! You look exactly as I remember you in high school. ;o) How exciting that you've traveled to so many beautiful places and made people smile with your performances. I'm very proud of you! Do you ever tour to the U.S.?

Elisabeth Roman said...

Dear Paul: I found your blog by coincidence and must congratulate you for such an exceptional site. Your photos take those of us who haven't travel as much on a fantastic journey. It's a shame we can't hear you at work. Hopefully, some day you will come to Puerto Rico.


Dear Elisabeth,
thanks for your comments. you are the first one to view my site in the Caribbean! (take a look at the map of visitors at the bottom of my page.) that is a part of the world I have always wanted to visit. maybe you could pass along my web-site address to your friends in the region? I would love to find an orchestra there to guest conduct ...